LED installation specialists.

Helping you replace your outdated lighting with the latest LED alternatives.

eLighting specialises in replacing outdated and dangerous lighting with safer, modern and more cost-effective LED alternatives.

LEDs reduce energy consumption by 80%

LEDs reduce energy consumption by 80%

By switching your outdated lighting to LEDs you could save up to $800 a year off your Power Bill. Find out more

LEDs last up to 40 times longer

LEDs last up to 40 times longer

LED’s last up to 40 times longer than Halogens saving you on replacement time and money. Find out more

LED’s reduce house fire risk

LED’s reduce house fire risk

Traditional Halogens burn up to a scorching 380ºC. Halogens have been known to be the cause of house fires. Find out more

We’re got your installation needs covered

eLighting can either retrofit your existing home or provide a full LED installation service for both New and Commercial properties.


With a specialist team no commercial project is too large.


We can quickly and efficiently replace your outdated lighting with our new and improved LED alternatives

New Homes

Need an LED installation specialist? eLighting offers a team of specialised electricians that can cater to all your electrical needs.

Save $ on your power bill

Replace your outdated lighting with LEDs and save more than you think.
Select the number of recessed lights in your home to find out how much you could save.


Estimated annual savings based on the running cost of a 50 Watt Halogen Lamp used for 6-8 hrs per day.

Free installation on all LED replacements

We supply and install a wide range of modern LED lighting options and, the best bit? Install is free!

Free Installation

Our comprehensive installation service is 100% free. We’ll measure, replace and test to ensure your home is fitted with the latest and most energy efficient LED lighting solution.
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Saving you in more ways than one

LED replacements; are safer, less expensive to run and last up to 4o times longer than Halogens.

Request a free in home appraisal

One of our team will be in touch to arrange an obligation free in home appraisal to measure and advise which LED option is best for you.

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